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Star Cluster

  • A galaxy of six "stars," each 1/2" in diameter, held in a complementary drawstring pouch.

  • Honor the lives of additional friends and family members. Add their Star Cluster memorials to a Constellation or Sanctuary memorial.

  • Star Cluster collections may be purchased solely as works of art (without cremated remains).







Order your Star Cluster in a single color, or any combination of ten colors
(minimum of three memorials per color)

[a] Amber


[am] Amethyst


[b] Black Opal


[d] Diamond


[e] Emerald


[r] Ruby [s] Sapphire [tz] Tanzanite [tm] Tourmaline [tq] Turquoise




Enhance your memorials with a Star Cluster collection

  • Present one or more Star Cluster collections to friends, cousins, children, and grandchildren. Individual pouches available.



Display a Star Cluster collection within any Constellation or Sanctuary design.




Music of the Spheres




Music of the Spheres




Shown with Emerald pendant and Emerald Star Cluster collection


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