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About Companion Star

Although the night sky reveals countless stars appearing to us as single, isolated entities, most stars have one or more companions. They are separated by such vast distances that each is invisible to the other. Yet from where we stand, the star and its companions are one.  From where we stand, they perform a singular dance of light. 

Each artifact from Companion Star stands as testament to someone who has moved beyond human vision, but whose light and attraction remain.
Companion Star celebrates our friends and relatives. Discreetly embedded within each work of art, delicate fragments swirl like cosmic dust. These memorials fulfill our desire for tangible evidence of ongoing connection and relationship. Companion Star honors those who have been, and remain, close to us.


I created the first memorials to celebrate my parents, who were the first in our extended family to choose cremation.

To celebrate their lives, I created memorials that represent worlds of color and dynamic light.

And as light changes throughout the day, each universe reveals a spectrum of passing shadows, vivid iridescence, luminous depths. 

We owe this revelation to the ancient mysteries of glass.
Artisans combine basic materials.
High temperatures transform 
the elements. They fuse.


It is there, in the dynamic of color and light, we see evidence of our own transformations. It is there that we are able to meet and experience our deepest emotions.  

We can reach levels of healing during the challenge of loss and mourning.

Because we are able to hold these Companion Stars,

they help us transform the grieving experience itself.


We can begin to realize that each of us is, in fact, one star in its group of companions–whether we are visible to each other at any given moment, or not.



Companion Star memorials retain a place of honor in each home. They remain with family members and friends who move to other homes in other neighborhoods. To distant cities. To other countries.

Our transitions are inevitable.

These dignified artifacts promote the recognition of change, and the transformative power of light.


2003 Lily Bolero™, Ltd.